1. Foster university-industry relations

The LISTO consortium will discuss how universities connect with the wider social and economic environment. As a case study, the partners will test and apply one method: the AIMday concept developed by Uppsala University Innovation. The AIMday is a match-making event during which researchers and R&D staff of companies are put together in workshops based on a shared interested. Prior to the AIMday, both sides are asked to submit questions on a general topic, e.g. smart industries which are used to set up matching encounters. The LISTO partners will participate in an AIMday training and will subsequently organize their own pilot AIMdays in 2018.

2. Develop the entrepreneurial skill sets of teachers, staff and students

The LISTO partners will exchange current methods in teaching entrepreneurship to students and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Based on this first step, we will work together in developing modules for an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship course which will be applied and tested in an international classroom setting. Teachers and students from all 10 LISTO partners will participate in this pilot course. After the test phase, the goal is to inject the international/interdisciplinary modules into existing entrepreneurship programs.

3. Strengthen a university-wide spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship

TheĀ  project will provide a forum to develop strategies for an entrepreneurial university. We will address the topic from two angles: first, a workshop for innovation officers to share good-practice examples of stimulating innovation and methods in engaging researchers and students; second, a conference with senior university management from all 10 LISTO partners to discuss the connection between university governance and innovation.