From 25-28 June 2018, the LISTO project met in Groningen, Netherlands to start work package 3: Teaching Entrepreneurship in an International Classroom. We were hosted by the University of Groningen Center of Entrepreneurship (UGCE).

The goal of this work package is to develop international classrooms in which students and teachers from all 10 LISTO partners meet in a virtual setting to facilitate an international exchange about entrepreneurship.

The meeting in Groningen focused on two aspects. First, all partners present posters about how they currently teach entrepreneurship to their students. The case studies and methods ranged from extracurricular summer classes open to any interested student to specialize study programs in a specific subject, from practical classes about how to pitch your business idea to more systematic approaches such as Design Thinking. A collection of all poster and the meeting agenda can be downloaded here.

Based on a systematic mapping and analysis prior to the meeting, the consortium had identified a number of areas and topics in which the partners wanted to innovate the way they teach entrepreneurship, especially by including interdisciplinary and international perspectives. The group decided on three pilot topics for international classrooms courses which the project will develop, test and evaluate together. The three pilots are:

  1. Design Thinking through Virtual Exchange
  2. International Business Opportunities
  3. Navigating between Networks and Ecosystems

The second part of the Groningen meeting was a teacher training workshop with experts from the University of Groningen. Catherine Meissner, who works as a curriculum developer and educational advisor on internationalization for the International Classroom Project gave an introduction into skills development in international classrooms, how to teach a diverse group of international students and how to make use of this diversity as a resource for student learning. Sake Jaker, head of ICT and Education in the Faculty of Arts contributed examples for the frameworks used in international classroom teaching and shared his experience from other Virtual Exchange projects.

Based on this exchange and training, the LISTO team will develop specific learning goals and a lesson plan concepts for the three pilot international classrooms. During a follow-up meeting in Córdoba, Argentina from 22-26 October, the group will discuss the course drafts and prepare all the details for teaching the pilots in the first semester of 2019.

In addition to the knowledge sharing and teacher training workshop, the LISTO project organized an “Outreach Day” in connection with another related event at the University of Groningen – the 26th annual High Technology Small Firms (HTSF) Conference on technology based entrepreneurship brining together scholars, researchers and students from around the world to discuss the current state and emerging concepts on knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship. (conference website) Several LISTO project members gave presentations about their own research at the conference. There was also a project presentation about the activities and objectives of LISTO.