We are excited to start the test phase of our three international virtual classroom pilots on entrepreneurship. Teachers from all 10 LISTO partners have worked together for more than a year in developing this. The group of met for the first time during a workshop in Groningen, Netherlands in June 2018 to share good-practice examples of teaching entrepreneurship (see poster collection) and to receive some training in how to teach an international virtual classroom.

Based on a detailed mapping of how partners teach entrepreneurship at the moment and how they would like to innovate, we identified three areas to focus on for developing virtual classroom pilots:

Pilot 1: Design Thinking through Virtual Exchange
Pilot 2: Global Opportunities Forecast
Pilot 3: Navigating International Ecosystems and Networks

As a next step, the group re-united for a module development workshop in Córdoba, Argentina in October 2018 to develop the content of the course syllabi, discuss it with their peers and to plan for the test phase.

The Córdoba meeting is also in everybody’s memory for a cooperation with a local innovation day called Universidad Emprende involving a fantastic and truely “LISTO” audience:

In March and April 2019, it is finally time to test the international virtual classroom: All three pilots have chosen slightly different teaching methods and it will be very interesting to see how they work out in practise. Follow us on twitter to get updates about the pilots: #listoproject

In June 2019, the group will meet in Sao Paulo to evaluate the experience and discuss how the international virtual classrooms can be continued and integrated into teaching programmes.

The LISTO pilots in partner news/in the media:

Uppsala University (in Swedish):

Federal University of Pernambuco (in Portuguese):

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul: https://www.ufrgs.br/sedetec/inicio-das-aulas-do-programa-internacional-de-formacao-empreendedora-na-ufrgs/

National University of Córdoba: Radio interview with Juan Saffe (in Spanish): 

Meet our teachers (video):