From 11-14 June 2019, the team of WP 3 met in São Paulo to discuss the pilot phase of the International Virtual Classrooms on Entrepreneurship. After a very intensive year of joint training, developing and testing, our group of entrepreneurship teachers reunited for the third time to evaluate the teaching experience, to plan a continuation of the International Virtual Classrooms (IVC) and to prepare a handbook with a summary of our lessons learnt and recommendations.

Each of the 3 pilot teams presented a conclusion of their course including reflections on the course setup, teaching methods, student feedback, intercultural and technical aspects, and the learning outcomes. For a description of the courses, see one of the previous posts.

The second main activity of the meeting was the preparation of a handbook summarizing the experience and lesson learnt of the LISTO teaching pilots. The goal of the publication is to introduce the course content and to give teachers who are interested in developing similar virtual classes a practical guide into the process and our experience. The publication is scheduled for 2020 and will be available in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Working on the handbook content

As in previous meetings, the LISTO project organized a public event to connect with the local university community of USP. Two panel discussion with LISTO partners and professors from USP focused on the role of interndisciplinarity and internationalization for entrepreneurship education. (Read the program and list of speakers)

Below 4 reports in Portuguese by USP about the meeting days:

6º encontro projeto LISTO: Educação Empreendedora

Segundo dia do 6º encontro do Projeto LISTO

Terceiro dia do 6º encontro do Projeto LISTO

I Encontro de Educação Empreendedora na USP