From 14-17 October 2019, the LISTO consortium meets again in Valladolid, Spain to review and finish the development WP 2 and 3, and to start WP 4 Entrepreneurial University. We have been working together for 2 years now. The second project year was very intensive with two development work packages running at the same time.

In WP 2, the Latin American partners organized a pilot AIMday event to connect researchers with companies around a shared topic of interest. (Report about pilot AIMday events) The AIMday organizers met in April 2019 in Uppsala to discuss the experience and to plan a publication including a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the activities. The group is currently finishing the draft which will be published in 2020. Tentative title: University-Industry cooperation in Latin America: Lessons learned from applying the AIMday methodology

In WP 3, our team of entrepreneurship teachers successfully ran a first round of the International Virtual Classroom (IVC). (Read report about the pilot phase) The group met in June 2019 in São Paulo to discuss the pilot phase and to prepare a teacher handbook with recommendations which is forthcoming in 2020. Partners are also working on a series of scientific publications analyzing the IVC format.

Having worked together on the AIMday and IVC activities means that we are happy share some of the preliminary results of our collaboration with a broader audience. Here are a few examples:

On June 18, our partners at the SEDETEC tech-transfer office of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) organized another AIMday connecting UFRGS and the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry. You can watch a video about the event and an explanation of AIMday here: Link to YouTube

In early September, Ernesto Peroche from our partner National University del Litoral presented the LISTO project at the CAMINO a FIESA 2020 conference in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The conference brought together Erasmus+ capacity building projects in Latin America to discuss the internationalization of Higher Education and to plan the thematic agenda of the FIESA international higher education fair in 2020. Ernesto gave a presentation about LISTO, see the Spanish language poster here (pdf).

On October 3, the LISTO International Virtual Classrooms were presented at the Rec’n’Play festival in Recife, Brazil. Roberto Guerra  and Cristiano Araújo (UFPE) were join via video conference by André Fleury (USP) and Wendy Carraro (UFRGS).

In the third and final project year, we will focus on finishing the deliverables/publications of WP 2 and 3, and we will start one more development work package (WP 4). During two meetings (Valladolid, Oct 2019; Santa Fé, April 2020), we aim at taking the ongoing discussions on a more strategic level by analysing the entrepreneurial dimension of the LISTO partner universities. The project will conclude with a final meeting in Recife in September 2020.