In April 2020, the LISTO consortium was going to meet in Santa Fé, Argentina at Universidad National del Litoral for the second workshop in WP 4 Entrepreneurial University. Unfortunately, due to the global COVID19 pandemic, we had to cancel the meeting. Nevertheless, we decided to continue the WP activities by switching to a virtual conference format (ZOOM).

Sad as it was to miss out on another LISTO family reunion and on getting to know another partner university in more detail (incl. asado and tango), the shift to collaborating through virtual exchange work very well. The WP 4 group had met in October 2019 in Valladolid Spain to start the discussion on what makes universities “entrepreneurial” and how this can be measured and analyzed. This face-to-face meeting in the beginning of the work package made it easier for the group to continue the next steps virtually.

Based on a number of indicators developed during the Valladolid meeting, each partner conducted a self-diagnosis (supported by a digital survey tool) of their university’s entrepreneurial dimension.  In a series of 4 ZOOM video conferences, we analysed these evaluation with a SWOT methodology, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.










Based on the SWOT analysis, we identified a number of challenges and questions which we focused on in more detail, arriving at three main challenges/questions shared by all LISTO partners:

1. How can transdisciplinarity become a strategic opportunity for a more entrepreneurial university?

2. How can we improve the internationalization of our entrepreneurs, researchers and TTO staff? How can we help startups in our local system to internationalize funding for its products, services or projects?

3. How to spread the entrepreneurial culture in different technological areas?

We address these question in smaller ZOOM meetings (breakout rooms) and developed recommendations to inform strategic decision-making processes in the LISTO partner universities to become more entrepreneurial.


The results and activity methodology of WP 4 will be published in the LISTO Toolkit for Entrepreneurial Universities. It will contain the LISTO model for measuring the entrepreneurial dimension of our universities as well as 10 specific recommendations and good practice examples. The toolkit will be published in September 2020.

For more impressions of the virtual WP 4 activities, see the picture gallery.


Partner news about the virtual WP 4 activities:

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