LISTO IVC 2020: Entrepreneurial Solutions in Innovative Global Networks

Format: International Virtual Classroom with 30 hours; 14 synchronous and 16 a-synchronous working hours. This includes local/presential sessions incl. video conference and virtual exchange group work outside the presential sessions.

Duration:  12 weeks (4 March – 6 May 2020)

Teachers: Entrepreneurship experts from all 10 LISTO partner universities

Participants: The course is open for 10 students per LISTO partner university. To apply, fill in this form. The deadline is 7 February 2020!

General objective: The LISTO IVC aims at developing and strengthening students’ innovation and entrepreneurial skills within the framework of an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary virtual teaching and learning environment, with a focus on global entrepreneurial ventures and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Specific learning goals:
1. Develop an expertise to understand global opportunities from different cultural contexts working in multidisciplinary teams.
2. Conceive and select global future scenarios considering the motivations of the teams and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
3. Comprehend the relevance of networks and ecosystem (Net & Eco) to access international markets.
4. Use the Design Thinking methodology in an international setting to approach problems from a human perspective.
5. Research international contexts in order to designing innovative and desirable products, services or experiences that tackle relevant business and/or social problems and technology opportunities, considering cultural and institutional differences across countries.
6. Be able to develop product and services prototypes based on customers’ needs.
7. Summarize business opportunities using graphic tools (for instance: Business Model Canvas – BMC).

Meet your international teachers

Hear from our student alumni

For questions regarding the organisation at each LISTO partner university, please contact the respective institutional IVC coordinator:

  • Uppsala University (UU): Philipp Baur <> and Ulrika Persson-Fischier <>
  • University of Groningen (RUG): Olga Belousova <>
  • University of Valladolid (UVa): Lourdes Rodríguez Blanco <>
  • Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE): Roberto Guerra <> and <>
  • University of São Paulo (USP): Andre Leme Fleury <>
  • Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS): Wendy Beatriz Witt Haddad Carraro <>
  • National University del Litoral (UNL): Leticia Arcusin <>
  • National University of Córdoba (UNC): Juan Saffe <>
  • University ORT Uruguay (ORT): Enrique Topolansky <>
  • Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU): <>

Registration: closed on 7 February 2020

Results: Read a here report about the LISTO IVC 2020

Webinars: For more insight into the development process and the impact of the IVC2020, watch the LISTO webinar series on Youtube.