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Latin American and European Cooperation on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Foster university-industry relations. Develop the entrepreneurial skill sets of teachers, staff and students. Strengthen a university-wide spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Welcome to the LISTO Project


LISTO is a three-year Erasmus+ capacity building project (Key Action 2) with a focus on university-industry relations, entrepreneurial skills in education and university strategies for innovation.

Coordinated by the Division for Internationalisation at Uppsala University, the project brings together 3 universities from Europe and 7 from Latin America to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and good practice for teachers, students, innovation office staff and university management.

The project runs from October 2017 until October 2020.

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Specific Objectives of LISTO

Based on a detailed needs analysis, the
consortium has identified a number of specific objectives:


Strengthen the way universities interact with businesses and the regional, national and international economy


-Foster the innovation capacities of the partner universities in strategic areas, e.g. agriculture, bio-medicine, food production, water, material science)


Facilitate an intercultural and state-of-art exchange of ideas and methods in teaching entrepreneurship and innovation to students, staff and teachers


Share experiences and develop innovative solutions for International Virtual Classrooms (IVC)



Develop strategies for working on a university-wide awareness for innovation and entrepreneurship


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Latest News

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Sharing the LISTO Results

After three years of working and learning together, the LISTO project is coming to an end on October 14, 2020. To be precise, the "eligibility period" of the Erasmus+ funding ends on October 14 - the LISTO collaboration will continue. (More about this in a later blog...

LISTO continues virtually

In April 2020, the LISTO consortium was going to meet in Santa Fé, Argentina at Universidad National del Litoral for the second workshop in WP 4 Entrepreneurial University. Unfortunately, due to the global COVID19 pandemic, we had to cancel the meeting. Nevertheless,...

LISTO IVC 2020: Students pitch results

From March-May 2020, the LISTO consortium ran for the second time the International Virtual Classroom Entrepreneurial Solutions in Innovative Global Networks. The course was lead by a group of 20 teachers. Almost 100 students from the 10 LISTO universities graduated...